Best of the North Bay - 2013
Voted Best Band of the North Bay (Marin)
Local tribute bands a worthy alternative
Playing people’s favorite music is a good way to draw crowds, said Grisman of Petty Theft, but it’s a big responsibility. The fans know how the classic hits should sound.

“It’s double-edged,” Grisman said. “Yes, everybody knows these songs, but they really know these songs, and they know if it’s right.” [Read More...]
Best of the North Bay 2012
Voted Best Band of the North Bay (Marin) [Read More...]
Don't Tom around here no more
Part of the hard-rockin' band's strength is the ability to steer clear of caricature—no top hats or rose-colored granny glasses—while staying true to Petty's essence. "We have never tried to be Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and never will&—that would be un-Petty-like and totally defeats the spirit of his vibe....
"We play the music and we play it very well and with a lot of love and passion for it. It's really a shared experience as we're really a celebration of the music more than a tribute band—we celebrate together with the fans as we are both fans of Tom Petty. [Read More...]
Tribute Band Petty Theft Won’t Back Down
Clearly, the band Petty Theft, a Novato-based tribute band to veteran rocker Tom Petty, has a cult following. They had turned out in force last weekend for Petty Theft’s appearance across the bay at Café Du Nord in San Francisco. [Read More...]
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